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Pneumatic degassers for polyurethane foam moulds

JMP Assemblage is specialized in the sale of degassers for polyurethane molds for the foaming equipment industry. The manufacture of foam for car, plane, theatre, or train seats requires specific skills. JMP Assemblage aims to simplify design while increasing the quality of the seats.

The aim is to optimize the work of the foaming equipment manufacturers to avoid design defects. Indeed, during the injection into the mold, defects linked to the gas can appear, with the creation of air bubbles in the foam. These bubbles reduce the quality of the seats and shorten their life span.

A proven process for the quality of degassers for polyurethane molds

JMP Assemblage controls the entire production and distribution chain to ensure that you receive high-quality products! Assembly is carried out in the company’s workshop in Colmar (68). The degassers for polyurethane molds are then packaged in-house and entrusted to national and international carriers for delivery.

Replacement of obsolete parts

The degassers operate 24/7. It is possible that some parts may become damaged due to wear and tear, even if the quality of the products is designed to limit this. In this case, JMP Assemblage provides two solutions according to your needs:

  • replacement of obsolete parts
  • installation of a whole new degassers: this is the recommended option.

Benefits of pneumatic degassers

  • svg Internal design
  • svg Durability
  • svg Quality
  • svg Process optimization

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